The Hoarder Next Door

The suite next to our condo is a small studio. The neighbors who lived there when we moved in fit the profile: young, professional, and private. That’s why I was surprised when

Lessons from Deep Work

Deep Work by Cal Newport is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. It’s about the ability to focus, without distraction, on a difficult task. I’d

The Cost and Beauty of Marriage

“Marriage is a steel trap.” I hadn’t expected to hear these words. I was a young, newly engaged seminary student taking the first class of a marriage counseling course. The professor, a


If you asked me which virtue I undervalued before, but value now, it wouldn’t even be close. Hands down, I’d say clarity. Personal Clarity Personal clarity is knowing who you are.

Four Post-Vacation Reflections

One of the most revealing moments is the drive home from a vacation. I find that when I’m away for a couple of weeks, I become more aware of how I’m