Reader Survey Results

Way back in April I asked for your feedback. I wanted to get to know my readers better and to figure out how I could be more useful. I’m grateful for your

The Problem With Authenticity

Authenticity seems to be a good thing. At first glance, it’s a value that Christians share with society. To be authentic means to be genuine and without pretense. Who could argue with

No Big Pastors. No Little Churches.

The first church I pastored was, on a good Sunday, fifty people. I remember seeing a cartoon about a pastor who wanted to start small groups. “But pastor, our church is a small

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading: Why Christians Should End Their Search for ‘Relevance’ In a culture hell-bent on undermining traditional institutions, including the church, Christian witness will look neither conservative nor liberal but

Ten Key Questions for Sermon Preparation

There are many ways to prepare a sermon. When preparing a sermon on a passage of Scripture, though, I’ve found that there are ten questions that every preacher must answer. Not every