Tools I Like

I don’t usually post about the tools I like on here, but I’ve accumulated a few that I’d like to share. Some of them cost money, but others are free.

Superhuman: A Review for Pastors

Email overwhelms me. I’ve tried everything. I tried asking an assistant to process my emails. I’ve used plugins. I’ve tried batching my emails. Up until now, nothing has worked. This

How to Break Up with Your Phone

I bought a smartphone because it promised so much. I could walk around with a computer in my pocket. I could manage my life, broadcast my thoughts, manage my tasks, and entertain myself

Virtual Assistant Review and Giveaway

When I began church planting, I knew I had an opportunity to approach things differently. When I found that I couldn’t keep on top of my administrative tasks, I experimented with using

The Smartphone and the Soul

It’s still a good quote, even though it’s dated: Fax machines, emails, telephones, beepers, an over-committed schedule, the press of people’s needs…these are the tools of mass destruction for