Book Reviews

Opportunity Leadership

It all comes down to the difference between a powerboat and a sailboat. Powerboats take you where you want to travel. They’re predictable. Gas and go. You don’t have to pay

The Life We’re Looking For

Something’s wrong. We’re powerful. We’re technologically advanced. By most standards, we’re rich. We can get almost anything we want delivered to our door in hours. And yet loneliness is

From Strength to Strength

Your professional decline is coming sooner than you think, writes Arthur Brooks in his new book From Strength to Strength. It may have already happened. In almost every high-skill profession, decline sets in

Character Matters

What do you want in a pastor? I suspect most churches want someone who’s impressively gifted. They look for someone who’s a good preacher, good leader, and who’s good with

Hero on a Mission

For some, Donald Miller is the man behind StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, a guide who helps business owners learn how to grow their businesses. For others, he’s the author of Christian