Opportunity Leadership

It all comes down to the difference between a powerboat and a sailboat. Powerboats take you where you want to travel. They’re predictable. Gas and go. You don’t have to pay

Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading

Sometimes one good book leads to another — or, in this case, to a whole series of books. Last year I read The Positive Organization by Robert Quinn. Quinn mentions a deli in Ann

Conviction Isn’t Conditional

Darkest Hour is a fascinating historical drama that recounts Winston Churchill’s resolve against the Germans when most would have capitulated. From our perspective, appeasement seems incomprehensible, and victory against the Nazis inevitable.

True Leaders Are Servants Who Die

There’s a hidden side to leadership that we don’t often talk about. Take this quote, for instance: “Leadership is disappointing your own people at a rate they can absorb.” (Ronald Heifetz