Emerging Church

Deep Church

My latest column at Christian Week: Just when I thought the discussion on the emerging church had ended, Jim Belcher comes out with the best book on the topic so far. It turns

The Emerging Landscape

My latest column at Christian Week: Once in a while I look at the title of this column (“Emerging Issues”) and feel guilty. I don’t always write about the emerging church, even

Stetzer and Sweet on the emerging church

Ed Stetzer has written a good piece on the emerging church from a missiological perspective. I appreciate Ed’s approach. It’s well researched. Ed is honest, but he doesn’t appear to

The Cross: Can We Have More?

The latest issue of Christianity Today has an article by Scot McKnight called “McLaren Emerging”. The whole article is worth reading, including this comment by McKnight on the cross as the unmasking of