Emerging Church

The Cross: Can We Have More?

The latest issue of Christianity Today has an article by Scot McKnight called “McLaren Emerging”. The whole article is worth reading, including this comment by McKnight on the cross as the unmasking of

Bill Easum on the emerging church

Bill Easum begins a “blogologue” with the emerging church: The Key issue I have with the Emergent movement is this – Is the message of the Gospel actual reality and eternally true, or is

Emerging Essentials

In Why We’re Not Emerging, Kevin DeYoung writes: If the emerging church struggles to find a theological center, it struggles even more to define theological boundaries – not just what they are, but

New Christians vs. Young, Restless and Reformed

Tony Jones, coordinator of Emergent Village, and Colin Hansen, author of Young, Restless, and Reformed, have begun an online exchange. Says Jones: Where we probably differ is not so much on theology, but

Tony Jones on Steve Brown Etc.

If you’re interested in an old white Reformed guy talking to Tony Jones, national coordinator for Emergent Village, then you’ll be interested in this interview that took place yesterday. Steve Brown