250 Words a Day

I’ve always known I’m supposed to write. For close to 50 years, I’ve chickened out. I’ve written tons of articles, hundreds of sermons, and thousands of blog posts, but

God in the Gritty, Quiet Places

My latest column in ChristianWeek: I always thought of Halifax as quaint, like a big small town. I had a hard time believing that Halifax faces urban issues like crime, homelessness, and poverty.

Blogging and Social Media

I’ve written a short piece for The Institute of Evangelism in Toronto on how and why you should consider starting a blog. Here’s an excerpt: One of the best ways to

Setting Gospel Grassfires

My latest column at ChristianWeek: There’s no question that ministry in Canada is a challenge. According to Bill Hogg, National Missiologist with C2C Network, that’s not a surprise. “Canada is further

Making Sense of Weakness

My latest column at ChristianWeek: I spend so much time trying to be strong that I have a hard time making sense of what the Bible says about weakness. “I was with you