The Importance of Being Earnest

C.H. Spurgeon on the importance of earnestness in preaching: Brethren, you and I must, as preachers, be always earnest in reference to our pulpit work. Here we must labor to attain the

Why are they leaving?

This blog post suggests that people are leaving the church because many sermons are polished, but are theoretical and lack the gospel: Why are people leaving good, established, traditional churches with great facilities,

The Old Story

Paul Tripp blogs on the Bible as a theologically annotated story, which helps make sense of the story of our lives: Your Bible is not a collection of religious stories. No, it is

Pastors, Preach God!

I had the privilege of giving a paper called “Pastors, Preach God!” to the Toronto Pastors Fellowship last week. Download a PDF here. You can also listen to the talk online.