Preaching That Sticks

Ed Stetzer on Preaching that Sticks: If you want your sermon to stick, you must pull back the curtain to reveal who God is, who we are and what He really wants. It

The Importance of Being Earnest

C.H. Spurgeon on the importance of earnestness in preaching: Brethren, you and I must, as preachers, be always earnest in reference to our pulpit work. Here we must labor to attain the

Why are they leaving?

This blog post suggests that people are leaving the church because many sermons are polished, but are theoretical and lack the gospel: Why are people leaving good, established, traditional churches with great facilities,

“My challenge is this…”

I was struck by this thought in Why Johnny Can’t Preach. Gordon is responding to those who have dismissed preaching: I believe the preaching in many churches is so poorly done that