The Old Story

Paul Tripp blogs on the Bible as a theologically annotated story, which helps make sense of the story of our lives: Your Bible is not a collection of religious stories. No, it is

Fogging God’s Glory

An article by Lee Eclov: A third way we fog God’s glory is by not showing how he stands behind texts that are not explicitly about him. When I see a play

Not about moralism

This is written about Christian fiction, but it applies to preaching as well. L.B. Graham writes: Christianity is not about moralism, and Christian fiction shouldn’t be either. Christianity revolves, not around

Common hermeneutical mistakes

John H. Walton, who teaches Old Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School, describes five common hermeneutical mistakes of children's curriculum. They are equally applicable to preaching, including this common mistake: Focus

God is the subject

From Justin Buzzard: It is no accident that God is the subject of the first sentence of the Bible, for this word dominates the whole chapter and catches the eye at every point