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Some sobering statistics on internet pornography: * 60% of all web-site visits are sexual in nature (MSNBC /Stanford/Duquesne study, Washington Times Jan. 26, 2000). * According to Christianity Today the percentage of pastors who

Move over Earl Camembert

For those of you who think that Toronto is big and impersonal, this front-page story shows we’re really just a big small town. Would a New York paper run this on the

From Amnesty International Canada – Urgent Action Alert

Amnesty International Canada – Urgent Action – Current Urgent Action: Over 200 members of evangelical churches have been detained in a mass and coordinated crackdown by the Eritrean authorities in the capital, Asmara. Amnesty International

South Asia earthquake

* Counterpoint to Pat Robertson: “God is not found in [the natural disaster], but in our response” * Challies presents an alternate view: “What was a nagging suspicion was made startingly clear in the last