South Asia earthquake

  • Counterpoint to Pat Robertson: “God is not found in [the natural disaster], but in our response”
  • Challies presents an alternate view: “What was a nagging suspicion was made startingly clear in the last year as we watched the tsunami devastate the East and in recent months, hurricanes devastate parts of America. And then this weekend John Piper quoted David Wells who said approximately the same thing: evangelicalism is simply inequipped to deal in a satisfactory way with the really difficult issues…We must answer in such a way that we acknowledge God’s supremacy and sovereignty in all things and in a such a way that we do not let God off the hook, for as Mark Talbot taught on Saturday, God does not want to be let off the hook.”
  • Latest disaster tests stamina of donors. I remember people saying society had shifted to become more compassionate after the tsunami of last December. It’s pretty easy to get back to normal life and forget. Lately I’ve been wondering how the rebuilding effort is going after the tsunami, and how many governments have honored financial commitments, but it’s hard to find information.
  • Ottawa to match quake donations.
  • The Fellowship, my denomination, is channeling donations to TEAM. They seem to be doing a good job of partnering with other ministries – kudos to them.
  • Red Cross and World Vision are accepting donations.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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