Emerging Essentials

In Why We’re Not Emerging, Kevin DeYoung writes:

If the emerging church struggles to find a theological center, it struggles even more to define theological boundaries – not just what they are, but whether any exist…
The question is whether the emerging church has the ability to correct its own abuses and challenge the massive theological errors coming from fellow conversation partners. More importantly, the question is whether the emerging church even has the category of theological error. Some do, but many, I fear, do not. As long as we try to live out justice as Jesus modeled and love in community as Jesus taught, that’s all that really matters – if the emerging church refuses to stand for more than this, it will quickly lose any semblance of being evangelical, any semblance of being historically orthodox, and eventually any sense of being decidedly Christian.

What do you think of DeYoung’s question? Does the emerging church have a category of theological error? This is an honest question. I don’t want an attack on the emerging church here; I’d prefer to get an answer from someone who considers themselves to be emerging.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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