Book Birthday Giveaway

Today is the one-year birthday of my book 8 Habits for Growth. It’s also the four-year birthday of How to Grow. So it’s time for a giveaway. Writing a book is

How to Take Smart Notes

We’re blessed. We have so much information at our fingertips that it’s staggering. A few years ago, I decided to purchase The Spurgeon Collection on Logos. It’s 86 volumes containing

8 Habits for Growth Launch Party

On Thursday, September 23, we held a book launch to celebrate the launch of 8 Habits for Growth. It featured some brief author readings, some Q&A, lots of prizes, and fun! You

Why I Wrote 8 Habits for Growth

My first book, How to Grow, was written primarily for individuals who want to grow in their walk with God. I know some churches used it, but my sense is that most readers