Why I Wrote 8 Habits for Growth

My first book, How to Grow, was written primarily for individuals who want to grow in their walk with God. I know some churches used it, but my sense is that most readers

Why Start With Rest?

Five years ago, I began to work with my wife on a disciple-making plan for our church plant. We were reaching people who’d never practiced spiritual disciplines before, and I wanted to

Surprised by Oxford

I started reading Surprised by Oxford, and I couldn’t put it down. Surprised by Oxford is the story of Carolyn Weber. At the beginning of the book, Weber is an undergraduate student

So Many Great Books

In the acknowledgments of A Habit Called Faith, Jen Pollock Michel writes, “This book was seeded by an inconspicuous Pascal reference in Kent Annan’s Slow Kingdom Coming. In the margin, I wrote,