The Influential Mentor: Learning from Howard Hendricks

Howard Hendricks

Hang around me long enough and you’ll probably hear me talk about Haddon Robinson.

Haddon Robinson was author of Biblical Preaching, one of the best books on how to prepare a sermon. He taught hundreds how to preach. He served as seminary president and professor.

But what struck me most about Haddon was his character. He was brilliant at his craft, but he was even more impressive because he was a godly and humble man.

The same could be said for another man I never had the privilege of meeting: Howard Hendricks. Hendricks taught at the same school as Haddon Robinson. He also wrote books. And he also is known as someone who shaped many lives not only through his teaching but through his life. You know when you’ve met someone who studied under Hendricks, because his name will eventually come up.

According to Maina Mwaura, author of The Influential Mentor: How the Life and Legacy of Howard Hendricks Equipped and Inspired a Generation of Leaders, Hendricks equipped and inspired a generation of leaders, including some people you’d recognize.

The Influential Mentor

Hendricks taught over 10,000 students, wrote 23 books, and enjoyed 66 years of faithful marriage.

It was my privilege to talk to Maina about the life and impact of Howard Hendricks on The Gospel for Life podcast.

You can listen to the podcast episode below, or find The Gospel for Life podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Key Ideas

  • Howard Hendricks was described as a man of God who was both skilled and godly, leaving a deep impact on those around him through his character and teachings.
  • He had a significant influence on many people, including prominent leaders like Tony Evans, Andy Stanley, and others, demonstrating the importance of both skill and godliness.
  • His willingness to go against the grain, speak into cultural issues, and push for racial integration showcased his courage and commitment to doing what God called him to do.
  • Hendricks demonstrated honesty and humility by acknowledging his weaknesses and being reluctant to make ministry about himself, emphasizing the importance of serving rather than seeking recognition.
  • The podcast interview also highlighted the significance of expressing appreciation and encouragement to those who have influenced our lives, as exemplified by Howard Hendrix's impact on many individuals.
  • The interviewee, Maina Mwaura, shared personal experiences and reflections on how writing about Hendrix's life impacted him, teaching him to rely on God, serve faithfully, and recognize God's work in challenging seasons.
  • The interview provided valuable insights into the life and legacy of Howard Hendricks, emphasizing the importance of character, humility, courage, and the impact of genuine mentorship.


“Howard didn't see himself as a brand man. He really saw himself as an ordinary man who he was asking God to use.”

“We all have weaknesses, but God really does want to use those for his good.”

“Why don't we encourage people? Why are we so slow to express appreciation to people?”

“Good mentors open doors.”

The Influential Mentor: How the Life and Legacy of Howard Hendricks Equipped and Inspired a Generation of Leaders


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