Top Posts of 2016

Top Posts of 2016

It’s that time of year. Here are my top ten posts from 2016:

The “Move Back” Idea

Could God be calling you to be part of a “Move Back” movement to Toronto?

Risk or Rust

Risk. Dare. Pursue what will glorify God most, not what will make you most comfortable. Don’t be foolish or presumptuous, but default to taking the bold action. Risking is way better than rusting.

The Modesto Manifesto

Billy Graham’s team discussed the pitfalls faced by revivalists. They identified four issues: sex, money, exaggeration, and criticism.

The Hoarder Next Door

Nothing might have changed If I’d invited my neighbor for a coffee, but I would have known his name. I might have known his story. Now I’ll only know him as the hoarder next door. And that’s no way to know a neighbor.

Ten Key Questions for Sermon Preparation

When preparing a sermon on a passage of Scripture, I’ve found that there are ten questions that every preacher must answer.

No Big Pastors. No Little Churches.

I’ve never seen a small church, and I’ve never met a big pastor. Every church matters. It’s a privilege to be a pastor, and no church is beneath us.

Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

Since we’re going to spend most of our life here, perhaps we should learn to find beauty in the boring and ordinary.

True Leaders Are Servants Who Die

The entire Christian life, including leadership, involves dying. In dying, we find life.

Show Them

We don’t just need theology. We need to see theology lived out. We need to see, hear, and feel robust, effective, gospel-centered ministry if we’re going to have a chance of leading that kind of ministry ourselves.

My Seven Biggest Mistakes in Ministry

As a seasoned pastor, I can look back and identify seven mistakes I’ve made, and I’m still tempted to make if I’m not careful.
Top Posts of 2016
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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