Top Posts of 2021


Here, in order of traffic from highest to lowest, are a couple of lists of the top posts I’ve written over the past year.

Thank you for reading. I’m grateful.

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Top Posts at DashHouse

Go Narrow, Go Deep

Pick a book from the Hebrew Scriptures, a book from the New Testament, and a dead person. Spend the rest of your life going deep.

Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

Hold on to hope when it seems everyone has lost their mind.

Beware the Deadly Weed of Cynicism

Cynicism is a weed, a deadly one. Grab it by the roots and get rid of it. Don’t tolerate its presence for a second, because it wants to take over your soul.

Ignore the Noise and Shepherd the Flock Among You

Shepherd the flock that’s among you, and happily ignore those who are causing controversy elsewhere.

The Psalm 1 Life

I want a Psalm 1 life.

Top Posts at TGC Canada

Be Careful About Calling Somebody a Heretic

To preserve the notion of heresy, and for the sake of our own integrity, be careful before you call someone who disagrees with you a heretic.

The Conflict Trap

So much is at stake. Let’s take care in how we handle conflict.

An Important Question Every Pastor Must Answer

Do you know that you matter apart from all of this?

To Pastor Is to Suffer

To pastor is to suffer. And it’s worth it.

Giving Thanks for the Resilience of God’s People

One of the best and most helpful things a pastor can do is to give thanks for his people. Not only is it right, but it’s good for the pastor’s soul, and it’s good for the people.

Top Posts of 2021
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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