The Really Radical Book for Kids (and Adults)

The Really Radical Book for Kids

Parenting (and grand-parenting) comes with perks: you get to play with children’s stuff. Some toys today are much better than the toys we had when we were kids; some books are better. If you need an excuse to read these books or play with these toys, children come in handy.

I’m a grandparent, but I don’t feel like I need an excuse. I’m currently reading a great children’s book The Biggest Story Bible Storybook, and it’s amazing. Not only did Kevin DeYoung do a great job in writing the material, but the illustrations by Don Clark are stunning. I don’t care how old you are: you will probably love this book.

But now I’m adding another children’s book to the pile: The Really Radical Book for Kids: More Truth, More Fun by Champ Thornton.

Thornton writes this book for a reason. “Sometimes there seems to be a gap between Christianity and ‘the real world,’” he writes. “Sometimes it seems that Jesus belongs to church on Sunday but not the rest of the week, to religion but not real life.” This book is written to bridge that gap, to help kids enjoy and live wisely in the world God has made. “I pray this book will help the next generation live with God over all of life,” he writes.

I think Thornton succeeds. He writes short chapters on fascinating topics that kids (and adults) will find interesting: ancient kings, legendary battles, and snakes and dragons. He describes unusual food to make, secret codes to break, fun crafts to try, and strange planes to fly. He also uncovers exciting ways to read the Bible, factual reasons to believe, stunning truths about God, and incredible examples of "radical" men and women who have gone before them and trusted Jesus in challenging times. The chapters are short, punchy, and interesting. The illustrations by Scot McDonald make the book inviting and colorful.

The Really Radical Book for Kids

But not only is this an entertaining book to read; it also covers some important topics well: how to make hard decisions, dealing with parent problems, how to become a Christian, how prayer works, why go to church, and more. It also provides helpful overviews of Scriptural topics and books of the Bible, like Genesis, Proverbs, and Romans. Scriptural truths are presented clearly and deeply. Thornton has a way of communicating that is accessible without sacrificing profundity.

If you have a child or grandchild who’s eight or older, get this book as a gift. I’m pretty sure it will be a hit. But if you’re an adult who’s looking for a book to enjoy, you may enjoy this book as well.

When I was a kid, I had a few books like this one. They contained interesting facts that fascinated me, and I read them repeatedly. They’re one of the few books from my childhood that have survived, but they lacked biblical truth.

I wish I’d had a book like this as a child. It’s a great resource for kids of all ages who want to be fascinated with the world that God has made, and how knowing God is useful for all of life.

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