Sounds like some churches I know

From the National Post – Gotta Dance: The cabaret law dates back to 1926, when Mayor Jimmy Walker introduced it in an attempt to crack down on perceived Jazz Age excesses. The original law


A few years ago, Len Sweet said that Canadians were ahead of Americans in understanding the Internet. At the time, I didn’t know why he said that, and it was only later

I know a lot less

Church as been really good lately. I’ve changed. Sometimes that causes stress at the church level. In my case, this has actually been refreshing to a lot of people. I’m sure

Goat alert

I’ve accepted the challenge, and I’m even challenging some people at Richview to get in on the goat action this Christmas: Through their Christmas Catalogue, World Vision offers you the opportunity

Welcome to Toronto

From the National Post: Garage sells for $135,000, no house attached A two-car garage in an upscale Toronto neighbourhood — no house, just the garage — has sold for $135,000, the price of