Sounds like some churches I know

From the National Post – Gotta Dance:

The cabaret law dates back to 1926, when Mayor Jimmy Walker introduced it in an attempt to crack down on perceived Jazz Age excesses. The original law was aimed at shutting down Harlem nightclubs (Shore suggests that the old city council was primarily concerned with stopping miscegenation). The law states that any establishment serving food or drink that has three or more people moving in a synchronized fashion must be in possession of a cabaret licence.

I think it’s time that the churches of New York City start abiding by this law. You serve food and drink, and I’ll bet that some of your people move in a synchronized fashion. (Baptists move, but it can hardly be called synchronized). I hope the churches of NYC will show some integrity and apply for cabaret licences.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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