Unbelief System

Every church I know has a belief system. It’s a statement of faith or theological system with affirmations and denials of what they believe. It’s usually found somewhere on the website

It’s a Shame

He’d been coming to church and listening to my sermons. He was trying to make sense of the gospel and its claims. One Sunday, I preached a sermon that got through. I

Systemic Evil

It’s become a joke in my house. Of all the courses I took in university, I got one of my highest marks in a course called Evil. I also got one of

Preach Christ, Not Just His Benefits

I was sitting in the coffee shop as I finished writing my sermon. The text I was preaching made big demands on the listener. What is it, I wondered, that will enable us

Stoicism’s Comeback

Ecclesiastes warns us that there’s nothing new under the sun. This applies to Stoicism, an ancient philosophy that’s making a modern comeback. Ryan Holliday has written a bestselling book on Stoicism