Social Justice & Compassion

Eric Metaxas

I attended the President’s Dinner at Tyndale last night. Eric Metaxas was the speaker. Metaxas, a New Yorker, is author of books like the William Wilberforce biography Amazing Grace (companion book to

A New Public Theology for Our Times

The December 2008 issue of Comment (published by Cardus) contains an important article. At first glance, it looks like one people might skip. It’s called “Can We Hope for a Neocalvinist-Neopuritan Dialogue?

Compassion Movie

I’ve become a fan of Compassion, a child development ministry. Not everyone can see their work firsthand, but if you want to learn more, you could check out the movie at Compassion

Before “everything must change”

Colin Hansen on an issue that’s constantly coming up here: the relationship of the gospel to social issues. If Christians today want to turn the world upside down, then we must preach

Emphasizing both sides of the gospel

My experience is that these individual and corporate aspects of the gospel do not live in easy harmony with one another in our preaching and church bodies. In fact, many communicators today deliberately