Social Justice & Compassion

How the Church Changes Social Conditions

Kevin DeYoung has me thinking about this issue. I’m still wrestling through it, but it caused me to think of this quote by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: It is not the task of

Rethinking the Mission of the Church

Our elders are wrestling through a biblical understanding of the church’s role when it comes to issues of justice and mercy. Books like Tim Keller’s Generous Justice are helpful. I spent

Stackhouse on What Evangelicals Need

Gideon Strauss quotes John Stackhouse on what evangelicals need: American evangelicals need to escape the narrow (and heretical) idea that God’s Plan of Salvation is to rescue souls from a worn-out planet

How the Church Changes Social Conditions

Is the church called to address social problems? Martyn Lloyd-Jones argues that the church isn’t, but Christians are. The greatest change comes through Christians who apply the gospel in every area of