Why We Wander (Exodus 32:1-33:6)

Big Idea: Under stress, we return to “gods” we used to trust. Our only hope is our mediator. I couldn’t understand it. He was a man that I respected, and he had

God With Us (Exodus 25:1-9, 40:24-38)

Big Idea: What does God want from you? He wants to live with you. And he’s humbled himself to do so. A lot of people say the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures,

God’s Law (Exodus 20:1-21)

Big Idea: God’s law is rooted in God’s authority and character, and points his people to true freedom in all of life. If you visit someone’s house, and they have

God on Trial (Exodus 17:1-17)

Big Idea: When we suffer, we’re quick to accuse God rather than trust him. And yet God offers to bear our judgment so that we can live. It’s a question that

The Greatest Rescue (Exodus 14:10-31)

Big Idea: We are born slaves to sin. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus can set you free to serve him. It’s perhaps the greatest escape of history. It becomes the defining