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The More Things Change

Imagine it’s 1980. You’re 22 years old, newly graduated from college. You’ve just started at General Motors. You walk into your office and find a steel desk with a typewriter,

The Moments that Matter

In 1998, I traveled to Israel. I don’t remember much. I saw most of it through the lens of a video camera. I have a file on my computer — painful to watch

Twitter’s Tradeoff

Last week, Ray Ortlund quit Twitter. He offered three reasons: 1. The good that can be accomplished on Twitter can also be accomplished, far more fruitfully, in real life. 2. He is grieved

The Relentlessness of God’s Grace

I’m amazed — stunned, actually — at the relentlessness of God’s grace. In my seven-year Bible reading plan, I’m currently in Numbers. The literary and theological center of the book starts around

Older Saints Wanted

I’d heard him preach and teach before. He’s written books, and his sermons are all over YouTube. He’s not a household name, but he has influence. God has used him.