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Do Not Put a Period Where J.I. Packer Puts an Exclamation Point

So this is the story of how J.I. Packer made me cry. Sort of.

That Great Teacher: What We Learn From Insecurity

For many of us, and leaders especially, insecurity is God’s way of bringing sin to the surface so that we can see it, and He can deal with it.

In Pursuit of the Essential Christian

How about we pursue a few things and execute on them with priority and passion so that they produce a lifestyle that makes a difference as disciples of Jesus?

48 Scattered Thoughts about Pastoral Ministry and Being a Pastor

What follows is not everything I could say about the ministry, but are some things I have been learning and thinking about lately.

Yes, Your Pastor Needs a Sabbatical

Here are a few reasons why ministers need sabbaticals, and why elders should implement sabbatical policies for their full-time pastors.

3 Resolutions for Clarity-Based Communication

How do you communicate effectively so that people engage with the mission of the church? Use these three resolutions to get ahead of the never-ending, life-draining challenge of week-to-week communication decisions.

Do Something Small for God

We can feel like if we don’t do something great for God, why bother. Well, here’s what God says: “Do small things for me.”
Saturday Links
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Darryl Dash

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