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Worship and Evangelism Are Not That Different

When worship is the outflow of your heart because you really love Jesus, and you want to thank him for all he is and all he’s done for you, then evangelism need not be any more complicated or difficult than letting others overhear something of that passion.

Cautions Against Bi-vocational Ministry

There are serious challenges to bi-vocational ministry that those who advocate for it as a strategy do not consider — or at least do not mention.

Three Marks of a Healthy Culture

Is there a dependence on God displayed in prayer? Is there laughter in your halls? Are new leaders being developed and deployed?

How to Lead a Team of Two to Five

So, you have a team. What do you do now? How do you get started leading your team?

Expositional Imposters

Below are a dozen pitfalls: five that don’t make the message of the passage the message of the sermon and thus abuse the text, five that fail to connect the text the congregation, and two that fail to recognize that preaching is ultimately God’s work.

You Aren’t as Smart as You Think You Are…So Manuscript Your Sermons

Allow me to give you four reasons why you should consider writing manuscripts as a part of your sermon preparation.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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