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What Missionaries Aren’t Telling You (and What They Need From You)

In our eyes, everyone we worked with was experienced and godly and strong and competent.  We certainly couldn’t tell them we were falling apart.
You can bet your life we didn’t tell our supporters.
Don’t forget to read part two and part three as well.

The Complexity of Pastoral Care

Pastors need to become discriminating pastors. We must abandon any idea of “mechanistic pastoral ministry.” Pastoral ministry takes a keen knowledge of the personalities, life-situations and struggles of congregants.

Charles Spurgeon’s 9 Tips for Christian Readers

The quotes from Spurgeon below come from his writings or sermons and share wisdom for Christian readers on reading and choosing books.

“Band Creep”: the New Reality in Contemporary Worship

The worship band has gradually taken over the platform and turned it into a bandstand rather than a place where we lead communal worship in all its forms — Scripture reading, communal prayer, proclamation of the Word, even announcements.

Why Does It Matter That the Holy Spirit Is a Person?

Some of us think of the Spirit primarily as an “it”; a thing, a force, and not a person. But according to the Scriptures the Holy Spirit is a person, coeternal, and coexistent with the Father and the Son.

Religion and Faith in Canada Today

Strong belief, ambivalence and rejection define our views.

My Dad’s Five Vows

On 19 June 2003 my dad wrote down these five vows that he made before the Lord.

5 Things Every Christian Leader Should Pray for Themselves Everyday

While Christians can lift up thousands of different prayers for their leadership, I have found it helpful to daily focus my prayers on the following things.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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