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Rebuilding in the Off-Season

What if the “Rise Of The Nones” is actually a “Farewell Of The Fakes?” What if God is “rebuilding” His church in the off-season? What if rather than shrinking away into obscurity and death, God is simply investing in the next generation of “prospects” while the expensive and fruitless “cultural Christians” are “released” because their needs aren’t being met anymore?

Deprogramming Your Ministry

What is the single greatest barrier to your ministry fulfilling its mission? The answer just might be that you’re making too many attempts at fulfilling the mission.

Be Helpful, Not Great

In preaching and teaching, aim to be helpful. Do not waste any time attempting to be great.

Spending an Evening with Atheists

We need more thoughtful and well-informed Christians in the marketplace of ideas, even in the hot spots. As Os Guinness has stated, most of American Christian evangelism is aimed at those who are already very interested in Christianity but don’t know how to become Christians. This leaves out a vast number of souls who are hostile to Christianity or have no interest in it at all. We are called by Jesus Christ to engage these people as well.

How Jesus Would Act in a Homosexual Bar?

The way you evangelize homosexuals is the same way you evangelize all sinners. It is the job of the Holy Spirit to deal with their individual sins, and He has his own timetable.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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