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The Biggest Obstacle to Spiritual Formation

In many ways, it’s our exhaustion that has made us sick and it’s our exhaustion that prevents us from getting better. So we cycle downward, deeper into a mindset of scarcity.

4 Ways to Become a Horrible Pastor

Being a horrible pastor is easy; you just need to love the wrong things.

Have You Thought about Revitalization?

A dying church robs God of glory in the community. It cheapens His grace, promise and plan in the eyes of those who drive by and live by the place where that church gathers.

When Your Church Is in Trouble: Tell the Truth, Face the Future

A leader who knows “what time it is” organizationally will not only diagnose the current situation and communicate the “brutal facts,” but the leader will also envision the future of the organization and take measures to pursue the path forward.

15 Worship Decisions We’ll Regret

  1. Dividing congregations along age and affinity lines.
  2. Eliminating choral expressions in worship.
  3. Worship leader ageism.
  4. Elevating music above Scripture, Prayer and the Lord’s Supper…

Rethinking Church Plant Funding

Less money must not mean less mission or we’ve missed the pattern of Paul, the call of Jesus, and the mission of the church.

One of the Clearest (and Earliest) Summaries of Early Christian Beliefs

This is a surprisingly thorough and wide-ranging summary of core Christian doctrines at a very early point in the life of the church. Once again, we can see that core Christian beliefs were not latecomers that were invented in the fourth century (or later), but appear to have been in place from the very beginning.

The Best Jobs for All 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Does your current job fit your personality?
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