Top Posts from 2015

Top Posts from 2015

I posted 95 times this year, not including Saturday Links. Here are my favorites, followed by the most read.

My Picks

It’s kind of weird to pick my own favorite posts from the year, but I’m going to do it anyway. Here they are by date:

Four Problems With Church Planting and Four Adjustments In Church Planting

I’m a big believer in church planting, but I have some concerns about some of our current approaches. I’m no expert, but I’m thinking through a few ways that we may be able to take a more effective approach.

Lessons From A Venezuelan Church Planter

I was deeply encouraged by what this church planter told me, and I think of what he said often. Here are the top five lessons I learned from that lunch.

Honest Church Planting

We need to be honest about how evangelism and church planting are changing. Both are still important; in fact, they are more important than ever. But they will both look different than they did even a few years ago.

Sin In The Present Tense

How do we deal with present-tense sin? Seven ideas.

God Save Me

God save me from anything less than grace-fueled love for God and neighbor.

Remarkable For Being Unremarkable

I keep meeting people who are remarkable for being unremarkable. They have chosen to serve rather than to make names for themselves, and have chosen to give rather than to keep what could have been theirs.

Faithfulness in Small Places

Faithfulness, even in small places, counts for eternity.

12 Lessons For My Younger Self

Here are some things I wish I could tell myself 25 years ago. I knew most of them back then, but didn’t really practice them as much as I’d like.

Introverted And Extraverted Evangelism

We need both extraverted and introverted evangelism.

Twenty Lessons In Church Planting

Here are twenty lessons I’ve learned about church planting so far.

Ten Church Planting Proverbs

The following are some of my my favorite church planting proverbs, along with a short explanation of why I like each one.

The Cost And Beauty Of Marriage

There’s suffering in this thing called marriage, but there’s more joy than you can imagine. Somehow they exist together.

Most Read

Here are my most read posts from 2015, in order:

  1. The Cost and Beauty of Marriage
  2. Remarkable for Being Unremarkable
  3. God Owes Me Nothing
  4. By His Grace God Wounded Me
  5. Faithfulness in Small Places
  6. The Benefits of an Annual Study Group
  7. Private Prayer
  8. Ten Church Planting Proverbs
  9. Shepherd the Flock of God That Is Among You
  10. Four Problems with Church Planting
  11. Christianity in Canada
  12. Honest Church Planting
Top Posts from 2015
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Darryl Dash

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