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Thick Skin, Tender Hearts, and Four Types of Leaders

With regards to thick skin and tender hearts, here four types of leaders. Which type are you?

10 Traits of Healthy Churches

  1. The preaching is strong.
  2. The worship is God-centered and vibrant.
  3. Their small groups do outreach.
  4. They’ve dealt with cliques and divisions.
  5. They have a clear outward focus…

A Sample Statement on Regular Church Attendance

7 Reasons Why Faithfully Showing Up Matters

5 Misconceptions About the Pastor’s Wife

  1. You have it all together.
  2. Your gifting should match your husband’s.
  3. Kiss having close friends goodbye.
  4. You must be friends with everyone.
  5. Your kids are the most sanctified in your church.

Five Strategies for Daily Bible Reading

  1. Plan a regular time and place into your daily schedule
  2. Do it with someone else
  3. If you are new to it or bad at it, keep it simple and short
  4. Have a system for summarizing and remembering what you learn
  5. Implement a structure for prayer and application

10 Ways to Improve Announcements in Your Church

Here are some suggestions for doing announcements well.

3 Words for Writers (When I Meant to Write 10)

Here are three words for writers (not, of course, to be confused with tips).
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Darryl Dash

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