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How to Break Free from the Numbers Leash and Cultivate Gardens

Numbers tell us very little about the DNA of Discipleship, Neighborhood Rootedness and Relational Tethering. These things mattered in the 1st Century Church. What if we reoriented around their vitality?

Planned Spontaneity in Our Ministry of the Word

One of the signs of a healthy Christian (indeed a healthy church) is that this ‘Word ministry’ is operating at a number of different levels and in different contexts on a regular basis.

Idolatry in Corporate Worship

What are some of the idols we might battle on Sundays? Here are a few that come to mind.

Gospel-Centered Reduction: Slighting The Spirit

If what we are saying really is gospel-centered, people will be able to tell. And if it is really “gospel-centered” it is ultimately “God-centered.”

3 Reasons We Should Stop Calling People Heretics … Unless They Are

Calling something a heresy when it isn’t contributes to other serious problems for the church today.

The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact

Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds — no more, no less — to write down the most important points.

8 Ways to Get More Done This Week

Here are 8 ways to take control and get more done this week (and every week).
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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