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Dear Mr. Prophetic Voice for True Christianity

While I appreciate that you feel the need to make every other post, comment, tweet, or FB contribution about how the church in the West, or a certain theological tribe, or even specific high-profile preachers have strayed from the ideal of nascent, biblical Christianity, might I ask you to reconsider your current “ministry” strategy with a few suggestions..

Thirty Things I’ve Learned in Thirty Years of Ministry

Now, three decades later, I reflect back on what I’ve learned in ministry. Some lessons came rather naturally; others were very painful.

Eight Areas Where Many Ministers Are Unprepared for Ministry

Allow me to share eight of the most common areas where ministers, particularly in America, are often unprepared for ministry.

6 Communication Mistakes that Limit Ministry Effectiveness

One of the greatest inhibitors of effective ministry is poor (or less than great) communication.
Here are six very common mistakes…

20 Helps to Sermon Listening

In What is Expository Listening, we looked at why the way we listen to sermons is at least as important as preparing and preaching them. Today, we’ll consider 20 ways to become a better sermon-hearer.

Growing Your Appetite for the Lord’s Supper

I’ve begun to understand that my unworthiness is exactly the reason why I need the Lord’s Supper and that the Supper really is a means of grace, that is, a God-ordained sacrament through which God, by his Spirit, nourishes the hearts of his people with his renewing grace.

12 signs you need an intentional interim pastor

The first thing a church must do when its pastor resigns is retain an intentional interim pastor, especially if the church meets any of these criteria…

When Jesus Doesn’t Want You on a Missions Trip

What would happen if Jesus told you not to go on a mission trip? Do you have a grid for that?
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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