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6 Lessons I Learned as a Rookie Pastor

My first year of pastoral ministry was like being dropped into a battlefield that I’d only read about … After a year in the battle, here are six lessons that I learned as a rookie pastor.

Superman Pastors Are Bound to Fail

It’s the pastor’s job to equip his congregation to do ministry. Needless to say, I wasn’t doing my job.

Jealous Preachers

God enabled Meyer to rejoice in Morgan’s preaching. People heard him saying: ”Have you heard Campbell Morgan preach? Did you hear that message this morning? My, God is upon that man!”

Hard Words, Good Words

I am so thankful for these brothers who said this, and even harder words to me though the assessment, for it helped to set me on a better path. The Lord gave me wisdom through these men, and I am better for it. Our church is better for it.

How Your Preaching Might Increase Sin in Your Church

We tread lightly here, but I fear we vastly underestimate the spiritual damage inflicted on our churches by “How To” sermons without an explicit gospel connection.

Preaching to the Affections Part One and Two

The central task of preaching is to see hearts changed by Jesus. That means that the heart is the core of the matter. If we want to see lives remade by Jesus, then we can’t simply preach to behaviors or we will create a new breed of Pharisees.

Abuse Does Not Take Away Use

Though difficult, Jesus teaches us that we must strive to distinguish true doctrines of the Christian faith from their distorted applications and expositions.

8 Reasons to Always Attend a Baptism Service

I think you should decide now to attend every baptism service at your local church. There is too much grace to be missed if you don’t.

Six Questions That Will Radically Change Your Marriage

These six questions will recalibrate your marriage.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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