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How To Keep Millennials In The Church? Let’s Keep Church Un-Cool

Why do we care so much about the reasons Millennials are reportedly leaving churches?

Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church: A Response to Rachel Held Evans

We don’t need a church that serves our preferences. We need a church that gives us Jesus and makes us want to serve His preferences.

Don’t Be A Bible Pharmacist Be A Bible Doctor!

Don’t just dispense verses; take time to listen.

In Praise of the Low-Minded Christian

Why we should be slow to look down on the religiously uncool

The Atheist/Agnostic Grid

Atheism vs. Theism vs. Agnosticism vs. Gnosticism

Tim Keller’s first Twitter Q&A

Tim Keller answers questions on Twitter

10 Tensions of Every Leader

Being a leader isn’t easy. There are tensions with every decision a leader makes. Here are 10 tensions of every leader.

8 Email Mistakes You Make

8 dumb email mistakes you may be making. Many of these mistakes apply to everyone, though some apply primarily to those of us who tend to sit at a desk most of the day
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