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Healthy Churches Are Messy

While a state of perpetual immaturity is a recipe for disaster, a constant movement of many immature people being discipled is exactly what Jesus commanded us to do.

Three Ingredients For An Evangelistic Church Culture

If you are looking to create an evangelistic culture in your local church, here are three ingredients that may help.

How to Turn a Conversation

In an instant, a person’s heart and mind can unexpectedly open to hear the gospel story. But how do we prepare ourselves to take these gospel turns? What are natural segues into gospel conversations? What do we do if someone is reluctant to take the turn with us?

8 Effective Ways to Follow Up With Guests At Your Church

Here are some simple ways to start following with your guests at your church.

The Preacher At His Best

Too many preachers are at their best when they are telling a personal anecdote or ripping into some sacred cow or riffing on in a humorous fashion. There is a time for all of that, but we ought to beware if those times are when we are at our best.

Make the Bible Your Native Tongue

The impact of the gospel in our hearts and its grace-covered application in our lives will always be easier to enjoy when we resist the temptation to keep the Bible as our second language and instead insist on turning it into our native tongue.

Personal Trainers: 12 Amazing Tips For Killing Client Progress

There may be some mentoring and discipling lessons in here too.

12 tips guaranteed to kill client progress and poison any coaching relationship. (Plus, the antidote: proven strategies for becoming the best coach you can be.)

Ditch the Kleenex and Let People Cry

This has been noticed that when you stop handing out kleenex, more comes out. More tears. More mess. More honesty. More prayers. More fertile ground for the Spirit of God to work.

Pornography And Pastors

Pastor, there are two truths I want to share:
  1. Many of your fellow pastors are personally struggling with pornography and;
  2. pastors must address the issue of pornography among the people they lead.

9-Point Battle Plan For Temptation

Here are 9 tactics to add to your battle plan for dealing with temptation.

How Pastors Survive A Difficult Church

In this post I have asked Chris Bonts to share his experiences in a difficult church, one where he eventually left under pressure.

How Do we Learn From The Idiot In The Room?

Some people are so frustrating and annoying. That is a fact of life. It is unavoidable. Even the most sanctified and patient of us struggle with difficult people. There is a danger though and it is this.

How We Got Blended Worship

The pastor called out to his secretary “Bring me a sword!”…
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Darryl Dash

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