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From Strangers to Missionaries: A Neighborhood Strategy for Mission

What I’ve done to help me make sense is to answer the questions: What will it take for me to go deep into the unengaged sections of my city to make disciples of Jesus?

If We Just Make Our Church Services Look Good Then People Will Come Back To Church, Won’t They?

Attractional models of church do not work in a culture where 96% of the people do not attend any religious service whatsoever.

Better Discipleship

I would like to suggest some areas where we are broken and hopefully provide some solutions about how to fix them.

Reading for Pastor Development

There are certain books every pastor and planter should read.

Why Your Church Needs More Variety in Your Sermons

The triple threat, five-tool preacher is characterized by variety in his sermons.

7 Reasons You Should Give A Talk Without Using Notes

There are at least seven good reasons to drop your notes.

Are You a Part-Time Churchgoer? You May Be Surprised

There are number of evangelicals who are firm in their faith are flabby in their practice of actually gathering with their brothers and sisters in worship. It’s the part-time syndrome, and it can sneak up on any of us.

Pornography: The New Normal

Internet pornography is probably the number one pastoral problem in the world today.

Atonement Theories

Penal substitution explains how the cross saves, Christus victor explains why the cross saves, and the double-sided moral influence and example theory explain what we should do in response.

Twelve Myths About Calvinism and Twelve Myths About Arminianism

Here are the twelve myths about Calvinism and Arminianism.

Why Do We Need Physical Rest?

God intended sleep to be a gift, a time every day where we remind ourselves that we are not God, and that God is in control.

Writing and Speaking For Introverts

The followings are few thoughts and strategies on how being an introvert needn’t stop you from sharing parts of your life with others online, speaking and hosting meetups, or even creating a new career. You’re not alone, and you too can do this.

Every Second on the Internet

In one second on the Internet there are…
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