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8 Evangelism Lessons from an Unlikely Convert

8 Evangelism Lessons from an interview with Dr. Rosaria Butterfield. a former lesbian and literature professor at Syracuse University, and now a Christian mother married to a pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church.

The Pastor as Apologist

We can’t assume that our listeners have a Christian worldview, and so we need to recapture the apostolic method of preaching. The first sermons of the apostles do two things: (1) make much of Jesus and His gospel and (2) defend the truths contained in the gospel.

Top 10 Tips for Being Clearer

Here are top 10 tips that can help you become clearer.

Christianity, the World’s Most Falsifiable Religion

This belief has been a source of contention with many people, even Christians, in the past. But the more I research, the more I find it to be the case that Christianity is the only viable worldview that is historically defensible.

A Question for Every Elders Meeting

Who needs spiritual help? Who seems to be drifting from active participation in the church?

Nine Steps for a Pastor’s First 90 Days

A new pastor has a great opportunity to begin a ministry positively. Conversely, the first 90 days can also be the eventual downfall of a pastor.

Don’t Forget Church Planting

If you want to change the world, and if you want to see God at work in the world, plant change-agent churches.

The Surprising Blessings That Overtake The Generous

Sooner or later, his blessings will overtake us like a tidal wave.

How to Raise Your Kids So They Will Remain in the Faith

  1. Put Christ first in your life
  2. Model what a Christian should look like
  3. Make family a priority
  4. Teach your children the Bible and about God
  5. Make sure you are connected to a church
  6. Regularly attend a church
  7. Encourage your children to have Godly influences in their lives
  8. Pray regularly with and for your children
  9. Serve others with your child/children
  10. Share your faith with others around your children

10 Ways to Find Your Own Personal Strengths

Our personal strengths are part of what makes us unique as individuals, and part of the value we offer to the world around us.

Why So Many Leadership Programs Ultimately Fail

The critical challenge of leadership is, mostly, the challenge of emotional courage.

29 Ways to Stay Creative (infographic)

A very helpful infographic regarding 29 days to stay creative
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Darryl Dash

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