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Top 16 Worship Music Typos

16 hilarious mistakes that people have noticed on the slides for worship music at their church. “Lord, You are more precious than silver… Lord, You are more costly than golf.”

The Popularity, Pitfalls, and Practice of Christ-Centered Interpretation

When constructing a Christ-centered sermon from an Old Testament text, we must bring more than one tool to the task. If we only use typology, or contrast, or redemptive-historical progression for every Old Testament passage, we will not build theologically sound or aesthetically attractive sermons.

Who Is the Hero of Your Sermon?

Every sermon has a hero. Every message points to some kind of rescue from financial, relational, or ethical plight. Few would argue that someone other than Christ should be this rescuer – this hero – in every sermon. But many of us think we are pointing people toward Christ, when in fact we are not. We may talk about Jesus a lot in our sermons, but ultimately we point our people toward something or someone else.

How I Go About Writing A Sermon

3 steps of preparation and 11 steps of the writing process – how one pastor writes his sermons every week.

Why I Don’t Hate the Word ‘Inerrancy’

In ten years of teaching, writing, and researching theology, I’ve never once been asked whether or not I believe in inerrancy. As it happens, I do. If someone was to ask me whether, in my view, the Scriptures contain mistakes or not, I would answer in the negative.

5 Reasons It’s More Important for Pastors to Use Social Media Than Churches

It’s not about being cool, it’s about connecting. Using social media helps you avoid being distant from people, distribute relevant content, personally connect with others, get insight into the lives of others, and not being left behind culturally.

Why I Pray Publicly for Other Churches

Believe it or not, the practice of praying for other churches is so rare in many Christians’ experience that many don’t know exactly how to process it. Why one pastor prays every week for another church congregation.

7 Ways a Pastor has a Great Weekend (Sabbath)

If you want to last for the long run…honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. Have a great weekend by: Planning ahead, delegating, trusting other people with tasks, write your sermon over time, be willing to say no, listen to your family, and have a true Sabbath.

Seven Possible Solutions to the Troubled Souls of Pastors

Six indicators of a troubled soul in a pastor, and seven possible solutions for restoring that soul to a healthy state.
And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” (Mark 8:36-37, NLT)

My Secret to Reading a Lot of Books

I probably spend more money on books than any other expense, aside from food. If your goal is to read a lot, there are 4 obstacles to overcome: Keeping track, refining your reading list, actually reading them, and retaining the important parts.

Room For All

Is there room in the church for introverts? Why there is room for all in the church, both extroverts and introverts.
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Darryl Dash

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