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Five Great Needs Among God’s People

Recently I have been introduced to the ministry of Bakht Singh of India. He died in 2000. Following his conversion to Christ he learned to live and walk by faith. Most of his ministry was done in India. However, he traveled the world as an evangelist and prophet for the Gospel.
During his first visit to America in 1969 he wrote of his observations. He sensed five great needs among God’s people in the USA.

The Top Mistakes I Make in Preaching

I imagine that I’m probably not the only preacher who makes some of these mistakes with regularity, so I thought I’d share them here in case my list ends up helping any of you brothers who are working on preaching evaluation / improvement as well.

Ten Signs of Hope for a Declining Church

  1. The leader is preaching the Bible.
  2. Somebody is praying.
  3. Leaders are willing to face the truth.
  4. The leader takes responsibility for growth.
  5. The leader still has a vision for growth.
  6. Somebody is evangelizing.
  7. The leader is investing in someone else.
  8. The church is still reaching out to the community.
  9. Somebody has a global vision.
  10. Leaders refuse to give up.

7 Leadership Paradigms Needed for Church Growth

  1. Lead with leaders
  2. Prioritize your time
  3. Never waste energy
  4. Embrace change
  5. Make hard decisions
  6. Build healthy teams
  7. Refuel often

Discipleship as Network

The entire church, when using their gifts for the building up of the Body of Christ, is a network of relationships that produces disciples.

Every Entrepreneur’s Least Favorite Question

This applies to pastors too.

You’re asked that simple question that often feels like the hardest one:
“How are things going?”

Are you a Church Planting Failure?

Church planters, whose churches do not survive, often feel like complete failures and fear that they might never be effective again in ministry leadership. But this is not the truth.

Five Questions to Discern Ministry Idolatry

How can you tell if you are prone to committing ministry idolatry? Here are five questions I have been considering.

Your Language Matters

Our language can easily isolate or train people to believe God is calling them to set aside one day or evening instead of setting aside their entire lives. We don’t want to confuse those two!

Stop Hustling and Get Your Life Back

I’m adopting a ruthless anti-frantic policy. I’m done with frantic. The new baseline for me: will saying yes to this require me to live in a frantic way?
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Darryl Dash

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