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Church Planter: What your people need most from you

Above all else, what your family and church need is for you to be captured and captivated by the King of Kings. You should probably read that again. I need to and I wrote it.

Creating Culture in Your Living Room

My friend and I were not content with the various shades of beige culture of our suburbia so we set out to create a better story pointing to a God who is beautiful and spurs me on to love, appreciate, and create beauty.

Battling Sinful Sarcasm

Over the past few months the Holy Spirit has helped me identify the crouching sins associated with my sarcasm. Asking the following questions has helped in my battle against sinful sarcasm.

Is the Future of Church Planting Bi-Vocational?

We need multiple models of sending to fulfill the Great Commission. We need to raise up both full-time and bi-vocational planters within our churches.

Seven Questions a Pastor Should Ask a Church Before He Says “Yes”

I have devised seven questions that are more likely to get to the heart of the matter. I encourage you to ask these questions and listen carefully to their responses. It could save you a lot of heartache in the future.

The Gospel-Centered Everything

Here, now, is the big list of Gospel-Centered Everything. I have no doubt that even now it is an incomplete list and have no doubt that there will be many titles to add in the months and years to come.

Top 200 Ministry Blogs

There are thousands of ministry blogs to read, but do you ever wonder which ones everyone else is reading? I do, which is why we have compiled a list of the world’s most popular ministry blogs.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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