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Holy Week and the Insomnia of Jesus

Danger doesn’t keep Jesus awake; the judgment of God does.

Why Studying Doctrine Is the Best Medicine

Spend time thinking and you will begin to see that many of our most personal and practical problems are doctrinal ones. Either we don’t grasp the truth or we don’t connect it to our lives so that it creates “soundness,” or spiritual health, in us.

Don’t Let Systematic Theology Mess With Your Head

I’m all for systematic theology. The Bible should always interpret the Bible. Clear passages should interpret unclear passages. Etcetera and so on. Huzzah for systematic theology.
But…sometimes we can be too quick to pull the trigger on systematic theology.

John Stott on Preparing a Sermon

  1. Choose your text and meditate on it.
  2. Ask questions of the text.
  3. Combine diligent study with fervent prayer.
  4. Isolate the dominant thought of the text.
  5. Arrange your material to serve the dominant thought.
  6. Remember the power of imagination — illustrate!
  7. Add your introduction.
  8. Add your conclusion.
  9. Write down your sermon.
  10. Edit it again.
  11. Pray over your message.

7 Lessons from My Year-Long Spending Fast

  1. Ego drives spending.
  2. Entitlement masks itself as need.
  3. Impulsiveness fades if you deny it.
  4. Denying yourself breaks the power of envy.
  5. Gratitude increases as spending decreases.
  6. You find what you need.
  7. Tough decision are easier than you think.

10 Time Management Rules That You Are Breaking

If you break these 10 time management rules, you are only going to waste time in the long run.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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