Interviews from 2013

I linked to some of the top posts from this blog in the past year. In reality, some of my favorite posts are the interviews I conducted from the past year. Here’s a list:

Planting with New Kingdom Citizens: An Interview with J.D. Payne

Church planting is missionary work. It is more apostolic and less pastoral. It is about raising up new believers, not working to fulfill the desires of long-term Kingdom citizens.

Urban Church Planting: An Interview with Mark Reynolds

I’m also seeing a growing awareness of the need and opportunity in cities for church planters, but we’re still lagging behind in the competencies and proficiencies to do it well.

Ministry in a Post-Christendom Context: An Interview with Barry Parker

We need a radical humility that is grounded in the Saviour of the World because we are not the saviour of anything.

Scholarship and Warmth: An Interview with Bruce Walkte

If my theology does not change my life, it is not good theology, but an idol.

Kutoa — How to Make a Difference for $1 a Month

Kutoa is about people everywhere helping people everywhere because people everywhere matter.

The Ongoing Influence of C.S. Lewis — An Interview with Kathy Keller

Lewis fits into no category, theologically or culturally, and yet he punctures all manner of pompous cultural assumptions of our day.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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