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Generosity: the Antidote to Consumerism

This year, let’s not fight consumerism by giving nothing, by staying home from the parties, by boycotting the mall. Let’s fight the consumerism in our own hearts by being generous. Let’s fight the consumerism of our culture by showing the world what God is like.

3 Questions to Ask Before Responding to a Controversy

  1. Am I really the one to respond to this?
  2. Do I have something to say that others are not already saying?
  3. Is my response going to help solve or help escalate?

How to Get People to Read the Bible Without Making Them Feel Dumb

Don’t minimize the importance of diligence when it comes to Bible reading among your people. Admit that parts are tough. But then encourage them to rise to the challenge.

Letting Pastors Be Real

Leaders who misrepresent who they are to their congregation create distance and discourage connection. Jesus was perfect, pastors are not. Congregants need to hear this from their pastor.

Advice for Ministry

Greg gives advice for ministry including specific advice for writers.

Tim Keller on Writing and Ministry

How does he do it? And how would Keller counsel other pastors to write? I corresponded with Keller on these questions and others.

How Sex, Love and Marriage Are Like Leadership

I spent a day recently with a group of ministry friends and mentors, all of whom have been leading their organizations for a long time. In some cases over 20 years…
As I processed our day together, I realized there are more than a few common denominators between leadership and sex, love and marriage.

Ways to Love the Church More

  1. Eat with Them
  2. Hear Them Confess Sin
  3. Deal with Relational ‘Stuff’
  4. Pray for Them
  5. See Them at the Foot of the Cross

Why is Church Exhausting When Grace is Exhilarating?

If church is exhausting it’s because somewhere along the way Jesus is missing…Perhaps something else has taken the throne in the center of the church’s teaching.

Best Books from 2013

From Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and Tim Challies
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Darryl Dash

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