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Ethical Guidelines for Church Planters

In Christ, we have great freedom with our missionary methods.  However, such freedom should only be permitted to the extent that proper stewardship, faithfulness, and wisdom are not compromised for a lesser good.  I wrote this proposal to help church planters avoid sacrificing great accomplishments for the Kingdom, while they settle for accomplishing good things for the Kingdom.

Doing everyday church when your community is spread

Missional community life and everyday church requires a certain level of proximity. I’ve had a lot of questions on this issue, especially when I’ve been in the United States. Let’s take a church I spent some time with in New Jersey as an example. They have people living half an hour drive from the church building in one direction and half an hour drive in the other direction. So some people live an hour away from each other. How are they going to share their lives?

Five Reasons I Avoid Writing Negative & Critical Blogposts

  1. A controversial post often creates sides, dividing people who probably agree on most issues.
  2. As a Christian I see one of my primary roles to be the building up the body of Christ.
  3. Divided Christians are a poor witness for the watching world.
  4. Negative and controversial blogposts can lead to more negative and controversial blogs.
  5. Negative blogging drains me emotionally and spiritually.

The Bed of Nails Principle

Every time you try to lead with a mass email or a group conversation or a sermon, you aren’t leading. People just look around and go, “I’m glad these other people are hearing this.”

Choices and Your Announcements

It is often hard to keep up with the barrage of announcements unloaded in a 3-4 minute time frame … A better way is to say less. We really do say more by saying less.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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