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Were safely moved into our new condo in Liberty Village. We’re also surrounded by boxes. I can confidently say that I never want to see another box for many, many years!

Here are some of the better blog posts I’ve read this past week.

What was the greatest miracle ever?

Suppose I asked you to name the greatest miracle that ever took place? If you know the Bible you have lots to choose from. God rescued three from a blazing furnace. He closed the mouths of lions and demolished the walls of Jericho. Blind men saw; lame men walked. God parted the Red Sea and the children of Israel walked through on dry ground. But, none of these are the greatest miracle. Even God speaking creation into existence is not the greatest miracle.
The incarnation is the greatest miracle that ever took place.

Challenges Pastors and People Face During the Holidays

While there are many challenges wrapped inside Christmas cheer, I trust there are also many ways of serving those that may be suffering during the holidays. Stop for a moment to think of those who might feel as if they have less reason to rejoice than others.

The Power of Church Programs?

Yet for nearly two thousand years the chief activity of the church has not been programs but preaching. Somehow, in the last few decades, we have lost sight of the power of preaching and put our faith in programs, as though preaching is insufficient to bring about change.

Why “Just Telling Your Story” Is NOT the Best Way to Share the Gospel

But while telling our story will often be the first thing we do when we begin sharing the gospel, it has to be backed up with good apologetics.

Jesus Never Said…

As you lead, there are certain things the Lord has said to you and certain things He has not said to you!

5 Tactics for Managing the Overwhelm

  1. Declare a Project
  2. Become a Saying-No Ninja
  3. Stop thinking doing email is work
  4. Ask this question
  5. Be allergic to meetings
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Darryl Dash

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