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7 Reasons You Should Give a Talk Without Using Notes

  1. Your favorite communicators don’t use notes.
  2. You come across like you mean it when you don’t use notes.
  3. You will be far more natural.
  4. You can make eye contact.
  5. You will read the room better.
  6. You’ll own your material more deeply.
  7. You’ll be more vulnerable.
(see also 5 Keys to Writing a Talk You Can Delivery Without Notes)

Lincoln and Short Sermons

Sermons with lazy preparation behind them regularly have an exhausted audience in front of them.

25 Things I’ve Learned About Church Planting

For the church planter, church planting teaches two things more than any other: that God is faithful and how to depend on that faithful God…

Thoughts for Guest Preachers, and the Churches That Invite Them

Preached recently at a church that hosted me with remarkable thoughtfulness and it caused me to reflect on how inviting churches can host as well as my most recent experience, and also what should be the specific aims of a guest preacher.

5 Ways an Introvert Can Build a Thriving Online Audience

Starting out, maybe only a handful of people will appreciate what you have to offer. But continue to build your trustworthiness in the quiet ways that suit you and your followers will grow.

7 Specific Ways I Deal with Stress

  • Plan each day
  • Switch projects
  • Review your time commitments
  • Practice redirection of thoughts
  • Move your body
  • Talk to someone who listens and cares
  • Stop and dream

Organizational Health Principles for Businesses, Ministries, and Non-Profits

Summary and notes from Patrick Lencioni’s The Advantage
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Darryl Dash

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